#CatChat: Your favorite happy hour


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Photo: Catherine Toth, Carey Bennett, Melissa Chang

Who doesn’t like to save money?

Well, that was the motivation behind Happy Hour Hawaii, an app and website that lists the happy hours of more than 200 different restaurants and eateries around the state. It’s got a detailed search function that’s helpful in finding exactly what you want, where you want it — and even how much it’s going to cost.

This month, founders (and married couple) Carey and Brandon Bennett have taken the successful app to another level: they’ve rebranded it and gone national.

Happy Hour Pal Food Menu Screen copy

It’s now called Happy Hour Pal and it’s entering new markets like Portland, Long Island and Milwaukee. It’s essentially the same — only better.

With this mobile app and website, you can:

• Search for happy hour specials by food, drink, time or location
• Access happy hour menus and daily specials for each business
• Share information easily with friends via text or email and invite them for meet-ups
• Earn rewards by checking into a location

But that’s not what my video (below) is all about.

I met up with Carey and my travel pal Melissa Chang (@melissa808) to talk about their favorite happy hours. But if you want to learn more about Happy Hour Pal, watch Melissa’s video at Nonstop Honolulu.

In the meantime, here’s our chat about Oahu’s happy hours. If you’ve got a favorite, post ‘em here! -Catherine Toth

Special thanks to Russ Sumida (@parkrat) for, uh, something. I know he did something…



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