Cinco Cocktails

I am running out of fun facts about Cinco de Mayo, but luckily for you not out of new drinks.  Last post I compared Cinco de Mayo in the U.S. to St. Patty’s Day.  Both cultures have iconic beers, Guinness and Corona, and iconic liquors, tequila and whiskey.  Unfortunately, until now only the Irish have had an iconic drop shot though, the  Irish car bomb.  So to get the party started this Cinco de Mayo try a Mexican car bomb!

Mexican Car Bomb

4 – 6 oz Negra Modelo

1/2 oz patron X.O.

1/2 oz tres leches liqueur

Pour the patron and tres leches into a shot glass.  Pour your desired amount of beer into a pint glass.  Now just like an Irish car bomb, drop the shot into your beer and chug!  This will end up tasting just like coffee with cream in to, so please note if you do not like cream with your coffee feel free to swap the tres leches liquor with Kahlua midnight for a stronger coffee taste.

By Krystle Turkington


2 thoughts on “Cinco Cocktails

  1. I really like the recipe for the espresso margarita! I love the variety and the pictures to go with it.
    Really nice!

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