Mother’s Day Brunch


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it is entirely impossible to forget if you watch TV.  Every other commercial for the past week has been geared toward buying flowers and chocolates for the special woman in your life:  Mom.  From my experience though, my Mom always appreciates a gift from the heart.  So, for those of you who will see your Mom tomorrow; why not make her brunch at your place?


Of course, no brunch is complete without a cocktail, but you want to make your mother proud right?  What’s a better way than to make your concoctions with your fruits and vegetables?  I know as a kid my mom had two mantras when it came to food:  an apple a day keeps the doctor away and no leaving this table until you finish your veggies.  With that said, here are three cocktail recipes that include fruit and vegetable.



1 ½ oz 1800 coconut tequila

½ oz pama liqueur

Acai juice blend

To make the acai juice blend use one Sambazon blueberry acai and Sambazon strawberry acai with a splash of peach juice.  I personally used about 4oz of the peach juice, but you can adjust the amount until you get the balance you prefer.  Keep in mind that the peach juice will make the acai blend sweeter.  Once your juice blend is ready just pour all the ingredients into a bucket glass with ice and enjoy!

Granny’s Mojito


1 ½ oz light rum

½ oz honey syrup*

1 oz citrus kombucha

½ oz apple juice*

5 mint leaves

Club soda

Muddle mint with honey syrup and apple juice, add rum and kombucha and shake.  Top with club soda. Serve in a tall glass like a pint, hurricane, or highball.  Garnish with an apple slice.  If you buy apple juice, make sure to purchase one without added sugar or cinnamon.  If you are juicing apples to make this cocktail, keep in mind that different varieties of apples have varying levels of sweetness.  I personally like to make this cocktail with granny smith apples because of the distinctive tartness.

*honey syrup:  equal parts honey and water.  Shake until the honey is completely incorporated into the water.

Cucumber Dill Fizz


1 ½ oz Uncle Val’s gin

½ oz dill syrup

3 cucumber (no peel) slices (English cucumbers work best)

Club soda

Muddle cucumber and dill syrup.  Add gin and shake.  In a Collins glass strain over fresh ice and top with club soda.  For added vegetables, garnish with a cucumber spear and dill sprig.

By Krystle Turkington: Blogger


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